World Drumming

World Drumming is a great way for students and a parent or caregiver to connect while exploring percussion traditions from different countries in Africa and Latin America. We will focus on the djembe, learning various rythyms so that students can play in a drum circle. Students will learn about call and response practices used in drum circles, and will experiment with different sounds and instruments. This class is taught by Samuel, who has decades of experience in global percussion and also in working with all different kinds of children, families and communities. 

World Drumming is designed for children of all abilities (including autism and other developmental disabilities) and their parent of caregiver. 


Student class size limited to four student/caregiver pairs.

Djembes provided for in class use. 


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Drum Circle
Drums And Percussion
Djembe player
African Djembe Conga Drum
Drumming class
African Djembes
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3182 Old Tunnel Rd # A, Lafayette, CA 94549


Tel 510-407-4211


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