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Testimonials from students and their families:


Our 8-year-old daughter has been learning marimba and drum from Samuel since January 2014 .  We are very amazed at how much she has learned in only 1.5 years and at the amazing results on RCM exams, including a gold medal for getting top mark of the year.  Samuel is a wonderful teacher who has a good sense of humor and really knows how to interact with kids.  Nicole enjoys his lessons and loves him. It is almost impossible to find another teacher who is so skilled and talented in all areas of percussion and at the same time so passionate in music and teaching.  -Steven & Kenny


Samuel gave me drum lessons as an adult because I wanted to play in a friends' band. Sam gave me the skills and confidence I needed in order to make music with friends, which has brought me so much joy. Sam's ongoing support of my development with simple exercises I could do that directly impacted my playing with the band was absolutely essential in my success as a (amateur) musician. -Aliana


Samuel has taught my 2 kids for 5.5years. From Sam's teaching, they learned more than just notes- they came to love the spirit of music, developed sympathy with others through his groups workshops, and even won 4 gold medals with Samuel's support. He is our favorite teacher in the world. He became our family. We love him, his personality, teaching mind, teaching skill, and his music. Was so fortunate to meet him and he is God's blessing to our family.  -Hwa Kim







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