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A Minute With Sam: Son Cubano

Son cubano originates in Eastern Cuba, and is super interesting because it is the product of transcultural exchange. It got super popular in the 1930s, and it's heartfelt rhythms and song combine the Spanish canción with Afro-cuban drumming and beats. We could trace the intersection of cultures, the movement of soul around the globe through musical traditions- and what a place to birth a new musical style- the heart of the Caribbean! The Caribbean is a special place you know, and Veracruz- where Sam learned to play son cubano- is thought to be one of the major hubs of the Caribbean, along with Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and a few other vibrant cities and islands.

So enjoy this short little lesson, and all the while, imagine the histories that intersected- from traditions of slavery to practices of trade to the families who sat on stoops with a couple instruments and imagined- in order to birth this beautiful music.

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