Why Music?

Our Approach

Our Approach


Playing a music- whether it be learning a musical instrument, singing in a chorus, or tapping your foot along to a favorite song- benefits you in many ways. We know that for children, the social-emotional, literacy and cognitive-analytical benefits of music are multiple! Many studies have shown that learning to play a musical instrument increases concentration ability, reinforces a range of auditory skills and fosters additional neural connections that can last a lifetime.


Playing with percussion instruments  is great for developing motor skills, and provides an opportunity for families to do music together. For our older students, the unique opportunity to play in front of an audience can be especially transformative, fostering confidence and dedication. 

Zavaleta Studios knows music is a universal language, and that people of all ages, beliefs, body types, abilities, and cultures can work together to produce beautiful, diverse musical experiences. 


We believe that musical learning should be playful, and that music is best made by groups of people. We stress relationships, exploration, and creativity in our music making.


We offer opportunities for community and family music, and our students who are in individual lessons share their music through recitals, open mic nights and other community events.