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Sheet Music and Guitar
Our Programs

Our Programs

Our lessons are tailored to each student, and we are so excited to begin the musical journey with you! Children and adults of a range of abilities are welcome. Choose to focus on percussion, ukelele, drums, music theory, glockenspeil, marimba and more! 

Individual Classes

We create a custom class based on the student skills, goals and instrument of choice. 

Many students who come to Zavaleta Music Studios have an idea of what it is they would like to learn musically.

We create a custom class based on their skills, experience, and goals. Students play rock, pop, jazz, and Latin, to name a few. We are excited to build a custom curriculum for you to reach your musical goals. 


While not mandatory, we encourage all of our students to participate in our community recitals. Playing in a recital helps students to develop musicianship, as well as confidence and pride in their music. 

Children & adults of a range of abilities & profiles are welcome. We have extensive experience working with neurodiverse children and children with special needs. 

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Individual Classes

Development Program

Musical training with  MDP and/or Royal Conservatory of Music. Students will receive a solid music foundation and are fluent in theory, practice, and performance.

We encourage our students to prepare for and participate in the musical training offered through the Music Development Program California and/or US Royal Conservatory of Music . 


Students study classical as well as contemporary traditions. They receive a solid music foundation and are fluent in theory, practice, and performance.


We have worked with many RCM/MDP students, and our students consistently are ranked very highly as compared to their peers. Many of our students have won gold medals, the highest RCM/MDP recognition, during their time studying music with Zavaleta Studios.  

Sam and student received a Royal Conservatory Music medal
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Recitals & Concerts

Recitals, open-mics, and other performances are an opportunity for us to share our music, practice performing, and come together as a musical community to have lots of fun. We can't wait to see you perform with us soon!

We very much look forward to welcoming your student and family into our performance space, and to working wih you so that you are ready to perform. Sometimes performance in a recital or open-mic causes anxiety for students, and when this is the case, we work with students so that they feel comfortable and supported in reaching their musical goals. 

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At Zavaleta Music Studios, we beleive it is important for students to practice performing their music in front of their community. We offer regular recitals and community music making opportunities that allow our students to engage in intergenerational music performance. These opportunities give students a chance to see what their peers are doing, and they also provide students with measurable performance goals. Our students do a wonderful job of sharing their music with their peers and families, and as we come together to celebrate their music a wonderful community is built. 

Recitals & Music Projects
Camps & More

Camps & Special Education

Supporting WellSpring Educational Services we offers relationship-based Programs for children with autism and other developmental disabilities

Camp We-Go

Zavaletas Music Studios is proud to support amazing programs for Wellspring Educational services. offering summer music classes on "Camp We-Go".  We offer developmentally appropriate activities, 1:1 or 1:2 adult-to-child ratio on music.

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Music Camps

Occasionally, we run week-long camps during vacations and summers for children who are already enrolled in lessons or prepatory programs.