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Why Music?    
Why Music?    

At Zavaleta Studios, we believe music should be a fun experience for children and adults to explore their creative selves, learn about the world of sound, and build their musical prowess! Music has long been shown to provie rich literacy, social-emotional, and analytical benefits to children and adults. Whether you are a parent-baby duo, a teenager with Julliard aspirations or a family trying to start a rock band, Zavaleta Studios is the place for you to learn, explore, and create! 

Why Percussion?     

Learning a musical instrument benefits you in many ways. Many studies have shown that learning to play a musical instrument increases concentration ability, reinforces a range of auditory skills and fosters additional neural connections that can last a lifetime.Playing the drums is great for developing motor skills, and also provides performers with the unique opportunity to play in front of an audience, fostering confidence and dedication. 

  Music Development Program 

At Percussion Studio Rocks, we encourage our students to prepare for and participate in the musical training offered through the Music Development Program (California) and/or Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada). This program began in Canada as the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has expanded to California under the name Music Development Program. The RCM is Canada's oldest and largest independent arts education organization, and students in these programs are often serious musicians who hope to acheive a high level of competence. Students spend a significant amount of their time working on classical traditions. By doing so, percussion students receive a solid music foundation and are fluent in theory, practice, and performance. We have worked with many RCM/MDP students, and our students consistently are ranked very highly as compared to their peers. Many of our students have won gold medals, the highest RCM/MDP recognition, during their time studying music with Percussion Studio Rocks.  

Our Approach

Zavaleta Studios knows music is a universal language, and that people of all ages, beleifs, body types, abilities, and cultures can engage in beautiful, collaborative, ways through music.  We believe that musical learning should be playful, and that music is best made by groups of people. We stress relationships, exploration, and creativity in our music making. We offer opportunities for community and family music, and our students who are in individual lessons share their music through recitals and other community events.



Individual Lessons

Many students who come to PSR have an idea of what it is they would like to learn musically. For these students, we create a custom class based on their skills, experience, and goals. Sometimes these students begin with basic exercises and rythyms, and then we build confidence through repetition, creative exploration, and collaborative playing. At PSR, students play rock, pop, jazz, and Latin, to name a few. We are excited to build a custom curriculum for you to reach your musical goals. 

  For The Whole Family: Tiny Tots Música   

This new class is a musical adventure through children’s songs, mostly in Spanish (though we will sing a bit in English too!). Children will shake maracas to old favorites and also learn new songs, finger plays, and movement games. Tiny Tots Música, for babies under 2 + caregiver is built around percussion instruments because they are found in music across almost every culture in the world, can be made of almost anything, and are entirely accessible for beginners and advanced music-makers alike. Early childhood is the best time to expose your little one to new languages, so come join us to sing and make music in Spanish (no Spanish language or music experience necessary). 

Saturdays 10:30-11:15 am, beginning April 2

Melmed Learning Clinic, 3182 Old Tunnel Rd # A, Lafayette, 94549

Cost: $15/class -- For more information, email

To sign up for lessons today, email us at or call at 510-407-4211. We are so excited to work with you on your musical journey! 

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