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The percussion instrumental family is made up of many diverse instruments from all over the world! Percussionis fun, creative, and musical. 

Humans have lived with perussion instruments since the begining of time.  Drums carved from trees and made with animal skins can be found in many ancient cultures and traditional practices. People from all over the world turn to traditional drumming practices in order to tell stories through music. Percussion rhythyms are found in nature, present  in every day life, and found in all corners of the world. Percussion instruments are simple, and they produce sound when you hit them. They are an incredible gateway to music, to worldwide culture, and to personal expression. 



The marimba is one of our central instruments at Percussion Studio Rocks. At  PSR the student has the opportunity to develop the two and four mallets teqnique and to play from easy melodies to some of the most important marimba repertory. Marimba students also learn to read music. 

Snare Drum

Learn the basics about how to hold the sticks, how to strike the snare in order to produce compelling rhthyms. Snare drum is one of the first things that our students have the opportunity to learn, and beginning students also work on reading music. The snare drum gives the confidence to move on to the other instruments.   

Drum Set


The drum set is what most people think of, when they imagine drums. The drum set often backs up a rock band, jazz band, or other small ensemble. Once the student can play the snare drum, he/she is ready to tackle the drum set. Drum set allows the student to continue learning to read music and refining technique, and offers the possibility to play with others. 


Orchestral Percussion

Orchestral percussion includes many instruments, ranging from the snare drum to the tambourine and maracas to the timpani. Orchestral percussion is often studied by advanced students who play in local orchestras or symphonies, who are studying the RCM, or who aim to pursue a career in professional music. 

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