A Note From Sam M. Zavaleta
Musician & Founder of Zavaleta Studios  


I am a percussionist, composer and teacher. I am deeply committed to making music and to sharing musical magic with children, teens and adults. I teach drums and percussion to children and adults. Many of my students work with the  Music Development Program. When I lived in Canada, many of my students worked with the Canadian equivalent, the Royal Conservatory of Music program, and a total of nine of them have won Gold Medal recognition for their performances.


As a musician, I have shared the stage with Xalapa Percussion Ensemble, Villalobos Brothers, Dan Zanes, National Dance Instititute, Calpulli Mexican Dance and Dolli Parton. I believe music to be a central part of human creativity, community, and culture. My teaching and music are informed by my love of instrumental traditions, a love that began amid traditional Mexican instruments and has since grown to include music, instruments, and sonic practices from all over the world.  I beleive it is never too early, and it is never too late to begin a musical journey! I am so excited to make music with you. 

A Note From Chelsey Hauge 

Media Maker & Co-Founder of Zavaleta Studios



Before I tell you I love making music with my family, I should tell you that I have basically zero musical talent. However, I when I watch my children engage with sound, and when I have the opportunity to sing loudly and without reservation with them, there is an undeniable magic in the air. And I love magic. So I invite you to come along with us-  make some music, listen to some music, watch your kids weave some music. In addition to my amateur music-making skills, I love to make media and I'm a Professor of Education- my research and youth work is focused on digital storytelling and media literacy. Time an again, my research with children and families has shown that creative opportunities are the gold standard for building literate children who value social justice. Basically, all this means that I believe there is nothing that a little creative engagement and imagination cannot accomplish! You can learn more about my educational research here: www.chelseyhauge.com

      Samuel Zavaleta